Dave's Dirt
Empowering Creativity

One of the big news items for us in this issue is the release of Pro Tools M-Powered, a version of Pro Tools software that works with select M-Audio interfaces. We’ve also released optional “Producer Factory” plug-in bundles, which include a slew of great effects plug-ins to complement Pro Tools M-Powered systems.

Pro Tools M-Powered software opens up the world of Pro Tools to a whole new audience, including a lot of existing M-Audio interface owners. As a keyboard player, I love having access to a controller/audio interface like M-Audio’s Ozonic keyboard that I can run Pro Tools with. And keep an eye out in the future, as the list of supported M-Audio peri-pherals that work with Pro Tools M-Powered software continues to grow.

In other news, we recently debuted the new ICON D-Command medium-format worksurface at the NAB tradeshow in Las Vegas. This new member of the ICON family packs an incredible amount of functionality into a compact form, offering facilities with smaller rooms access to ICON’s innovative features.


At NAB we also showcased VENUE, our live sound console, which is currently out on tour with Nine Inch Nails, the Black Eyed Peas, and Tom Petty. And we’ve released Pro Tools 6.9 software, which has a bunch of new goodies and is cross-platform out of the gate.

Behind the scenes, we’re crunching on a bunch of exciting features in store for an upcoming release (can’t say when — I’d be deported!). During my years at Digidesign, I’ve been through quite a few software development/release cycles. I’m always amazed at the energy level at the company when this stuff is cooked up, though it’s all hidden from public view: long group meetings, whiteboards scribbled with block diagrams, DSP code, and (inevitably) frustrating schedule snafus. I walk the halls sometimes after hours and people are cranking out cool and tripped-out code, or working on graphics or web design at all hours — this place can hum with activity. Sketchy coffee, bad vending machine food...uh...it’s sorta like late-night creative sessions using the software! Anyway, gotta run — see you next time.

Dave Lebolt
Digidesign General Manager