Trillium Lane Labs TL Drum Rehab

TL Drum Rehab’s built-in browser lets you load your own
replacement samples or choose from the plug-in’s included
sound library.
When Digidesign debuted their SoundReplacer plug-in a few years back, you could hear thousands of engineers and producers breathe a collective sigh of relief. For the first time, the stultifying process of replacing sucky drum sounds had been automated.

Now there’s TL Drum Rehab, which represents a new generation of drum replacement tools. Like SoundReplacer, Drum Rehab automatically detects drum hits within a track, lets you select sounds to reinforce or replace them, and renders the new results with great rhythmic accuracy. But SoundReplacer was an AudioSuite-only affair — you had to render the corrected file to disk before you could hear your replacements. Drum Rehab is RTAS, so you hear everything in real time.

There are many more improvements: Replacement sounds can have up to 16 velocity layers. The plug-in detects percussive transients with greater sensitivity and accuracy. You have increased control over the duration, tone, and dynamics of the new sounds, thanks to powerful waveshaping controls.

You can select sounds from Drum Rehab’s hefty sample library, or load your own audio files, all via an integrated browser. The included samples are organized into proprietary “DRP” files. In addition to including velocity-sensitive multi-samples, these DRP files include multiple “clips” (slightly different drum samples that can be alternated at random to avoid a mechanical-sounding effect). There are also two different mic positions, mixable via an A/B fader. Since you can automate the fader, you can use it for such tasks as specifying whether a given snare hit triggers a normal or rim shot sample. You can even create custom DRP files using your own samples.

Drum Rehab runs as an RTAS plug-in on all current Pro Tools systems, and uses iLok authorization.