Eventide Anthology II

Eventide’s Precision Time Align lets you adjust tracks with
1/64-second accuracy. You can even move tracks ahead
of their original location.
Eventide has poured honey on an already sweet deal. Their TDM-only Anthology II bundle includes nine great plug-ins from the original Anthology bundle plus six cool new ones, all boasting 48-bit processing.

Like their predecessors, the new plug-ins are software versions of Eventide hardware devices. They include two equalizers: the EQ65 Filter Set, with -18 dB-per-octave high and low filters and two variable-depth band pass/reject filters, and the EQ45, with four bands of fully parametric EQ plus -12 dB-per-octave high and low filters. You also get Quadravox, with its four channels of diatonic pitch shifting, and a software incarnation of Eventide’s Precision Time Align — a handy tool that lets you position tracks with 1/64-second accuracy. It’s great for lining up tracks for instruments recorded through multiple mikes. (Drum overheads, anyone?) It even supports “negative” delays — you can shift tracks ahead of their original location.

There are also two channel strips. The first, E-Channel, offers five bands of parametric EQ, full dynamics processing, and a user-configurable signal path, all optimized for multiple instances. Meanwhile, Ultra-Channel includes all of the above plus de-essing, stereo delay, Eventide’s ass-whuppin’ Omnipressor compressor/expander, and micro pitch-shifting for instant track thickening — in other words, everything you’d hope for from the Eventide channel strip of your dreams.

Anthology II uses iLok authorization, and runs on all Pro Tools|HD systems.