McDSP Project Studio Bundle

Revolver, McDSP’s new convolution reverb, is a highlight
of the budget-conscious Project Studio bundle.
Something old, something new. Some compression, some EQ.

That’s what you get in McDSP’s new Project Studio bundle — not to mention a virtual synth, a guitar amp emulator, and a hip convolution reverb. It’s a grab bag of five of the company’s coolest plug-ins, aimed at Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered users. This budget-friendly bundle, which includes RTAS/AudioSuite versions of Compressor Bank, Filter Bank, Synthesizer One, Chrome Tone, and Revolver reverb, is a signal-processing powerhouse.

Let’s proceed plug-in by plug-in: The LE version of Compressor Bank includes the CB4 — a compressor chameleon that mimics a half-dozen classic analog devices (the Teletronix LA-2A, Urei 1176, dbx 165, Neve 33609C, Fairchild 670, and Manley Variable Mu). Though the interface doesn’t reproduce the appearance of the original devices, switching emulations alters the GUI, revealing only the relevant parameters. It’s an amazing array of compression flavors in a single simple plug-in.

Filter Bank LE includes three variants, including two versatile four-band EQs. The P4 is a straightforward, fully parametric model, while the E4 boasts parametric-mid and high-pass filters, plus high and low shelving with adjustable peak, slope, and dip. These latter controls allow the E4 to impersonate the signature coloration of various vintage equalizers. Filter Bank LE also includes the F1, a handy resonant peak low-pass filter.

Synthesizer One LE is equipped with banks of preset patches, but it also allows you to freely tweak amplitude and filter envelopes and arpeggiation to create unique tones. The light version of the Chrome Tone amp simulator offers hundreds of tones, from squeaky-clean to filth-caked. It also includes a compressor, three-band EQ, and a nice spring reverb simulation.

The newbie here is Revolver LE, a cool impulse response reverb with a library of modeled rooms, churches, plates, springs, and digital ’verbs. Its large, clear interface is a breeze to navigate.

The Project Studio bundle is already optimized to work with Pro Tools 7 software, so you should be able to get more plug-in instances on multi-processor machines right out of the box.

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