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Digidesign Virtual Instruments

Music production has been seriously and positively affected by the appearance of extremely capable virtual instruments (VIs) — synthesizers, samplers, and “intelligent groove instruments” that run on the power of the host computer. At first, the products were limited, sounded weak, and were often seriously buggy — and to top it off, they ate up a load of CPU power. As things have evolved, the quality bar has been raised, and there are some fantastic, innovative, and capable VIs that many people (including me) love to use. Things are evolving, but reliability coupled with tight and unique integration to a parent application is still a bit out of reach. Wouldn’t it be great to have instruments that are “leaner,” powerful, easy to use, reliable, and tightly integrated with Pro Tools (including mapping to control surfaces that is well thought out)?

You may have read about our acquisition of a small German company called Wizoo a few months back. Behind the scenes, this group has been responsible for a lot of innovations, including some seminal “intelligent instrument” designs for other companies. With this core nucleus of creative talent, we’re unveiling a new virtual instrument group at Digidesign.


Over time, we want to create powerful and intuitive VIs that are purpose built for Pro Tools, and along the way, attempt to provide new pieces of technology within the Pro Tools environment that can benefit any developer of VIs for our platform. There’s no way we’ll ever be all things to all people, but getting some of the goodness out to the third-party development community will make things that much better. By NAMM, you’ll see the first offerings from the group — there will be a lot more in the future. We hope you’re as excited as we are about these new instruments and what this will mean to the music and sound design community.

Dave Lebolt
Digidesign General Manager